Learning Through The Arts


In addition to a grant received by the school, the NPA funds a substantial portion of this programme. LTTA is an extensive arts-based school initiative, developed by the Royal Conservatory of Music, that has been in 500 schools across Canada and in pilot programmes in 12 countries. Students learn core subjects such as math, science, social studies and language through the arts. Throughout the year, 3 different artists specializing in 3 different art forms (painter, dancer, musician, actor or other artist), will be coming into the classroom to work with the teacher to teach the curriculum. Each of the artists will visit the class several times to complete the lesson. LTTA artists get students dancing, sculpting, painting, acting and creatively expressing their schoolwork. This effective method of learning links subject matter to art form and is enthusiastically received by the students - our children. http://www.ltta.ca

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is a charitable organization that started in Toronto schools in 1996 and whose mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. The heart of the programme is a neighbourhood infant and parent who visit a Grade 2 classroom once a month for the full school year. A certified Instructor works with a specialized curriculum to coach students in observing baby's development, celebrating milestones, interacting with baby and learning about infant needs and temperament. The programme complements many of the expectations in the Ontario social studies and science curricula. Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom programme that has been recognized for its contribution to the prosocial behaviour and emotional health of children. http://www.rootsofempathy.org

Educational Art Programme

The NPA funds a class-based art project for each classroom. Teachers choose a project that best meets the needs of their students and the curriculum. This might involve booking a visiting artist (such as Audrey Mah Fisher, Barbara White or other artist) to conduct a workshop in clay, sculpture, drawing, printmaking or other classroom art project. Alternatively, teachers can use this funding to purchase art materials to do their own in-class project. If this option is chosen, teachers are required to submit their art project proposal with a list of required materials and costs to the school principal for prior approval.

Scientists in School

All grades receive this programme. The NPA funds 1 Scientist per JK/SK class and up to 3 visits for Grades 1-6. Scientists in School is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization and registered charity that brings science to life for elementary classrooms through fun and exciting "hands on", natural and applied science and technology programmes. By involving children throughout their elementary grades as "scientists" under the guidance of an enthusiastic scientist, our aim is to inspire greater understanding and interest in all young minds and to expose students to a variety of scientist role models. These half-day programmes, promote the scientific method of investigation and are aligned with the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum. The students become "scientists" and through various hands-on approaches including experimentation, observation, problem solving, simulation games and art activities, we hope to spark long-lasting interest in science and technology and increase the numbers of those who choose science as a career. Also, this programme helps raise awareness and understanding of natural science, engineering and technology amongst young people thereby improving their abilities to evaluate science news and other important issues facing humanity. http://www.scientistsinschool.ca

Scholastic Book Fair

The NPA will purchase a minimum of one (1) book per class from the Teacher's "Book Wish List".


Special Performances

The NPA is funding performances in the school that are identified and recommended by our school principal for each division level (K-3; 4-6) as well as various smaller performances that fit within our budget.  In the past, such performances have included concerts by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, puppet groups, and musical/theatrical productions.

JRR Sponsored Charities

A concurrent goal of the NPA is to support TDSB-sponsored charities. As such, some money has been set aside to support the charitable efforts of our students for charities such as Free the Children, TDSB Food Drive and TDSB Sock Drive.

New Projects

Do you have a special project in mind?  Many of our members have wonderful ideas on how to enrich our children's education. The NPA invites all members to submit their ideas, to improve the programmes listed above or start new programmes.  

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