Serving all JRR students! The NPA is a group of parents who volunteer their time to represent all JRR families and lead, with the assistance of many more volunteer parents, fundraising efforts and extracurricular activities for children at JRR. All these things enrich our children's in-class and extracurricular school experiences.

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Who we are

The JRR Neighbourhood Parent Association (NPA) membership consists of committed parents who volunteer their time to advocate for the interests of our children.

With the generous assistance of many convenors and many more volunteer parents, we help to deliver extracurricular events, activities and fundraising efforts to enrich the lives of all children at JRR.

How do we help?
  • We consult with parents, school administration and staff to select and fund in-class enrichment programmes for your children, such as Scientists in School, Learning Through the Arts, in-class Educational Art Programmes and Roots of Empathy. More about Programs

  • We coordinate many school spirit events and extracurricular activities throughout the year: Welcome Back BBQ, Skating Night, Lip Sync, After 4 and many others. How do I get involved?

  • We keep our members informed of our budget plans and how donations are spent at our annual general meeting.

  • We share information on activities and events in and local to the school, including non-commercial activities of interest to our community.

The more money we raise, the more programmes we can fund and the more educational tools we can purchase.  With meaningful input from parents, administration and staff at JRR, we continuously assess which programmes, activities and fundraisers have been successful, identify the most pressing needs, and decide how our collective money will have the biggest impact on the most students.

JRR Blue Note Bulletin

Need a great place to advertise? The “Blue Note” bulletin goes to every JRR family 5 times per year (Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar and May). Cost $20 per ad (max. 100 words). All proceeds fund the JRR Community Trust.

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Enriching the lives of children at John Ross Robertson

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